Number games Solitaire style

Solitaire 0-21 in Blackjack style is a symbiosis of 3 games, you can say 3 in 1. Firstly it is almost traditional blackjack, secondly it is almost solitaire and in 3 it is a game with numbers. Pump your brain up to 100% in this brain puzzle from games-dk The game is similar to Blackjack 21 but slightly different. It is necessary to collect all the chips on the field and keep the total number of points from 0 to 21, the task is to use up all the chips. After winning, these coins are credited with DK coins, you can open new chips. Among the free mind games, I prefer Blackjack Solitaire 0-21 as it is one of the cool brain games. If you play this puzzle once a day, you will keep the sharpness of your mind, as well as pump your attention, concentration and raise your mathematical skills, because in essence this is a game with numbers. ⭐️ Variety of chip layouts in each level ⭐️ Constantly changing background ⭐️ Buy new colorful chips with coins ⭐️ Number games - solitaire style available offline
Total played: 6 times

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